Shop For Clothes Online And Get A Perfect Fit

Shopping for clothes online, whether you buy them from a big box store or a custom clothier, can get you great style at bargain prices. Unfortunately it also comes with the worry that because you're buying a clothing item sight-unseen, it just won't fit and you've wasted your money. Here's how to make sure that never, ever happens.

Get Some Accurate Measurements for Your Body, and Keep Them Up to Date

For Men: You have a couple of areas to pay attention to. For pants and slacks, you'll naturally want your height, waist size, and inseam, but you should also measure your hips and, if you have a more pronounced backside, your "natural hips," or the width around your pelvis across your seat. Having all of those in-hand will make sure you know what you're in for when you buy pants and slacks. For shirts, make sure you take your chest size, your sleeve length, and your neck size. Even if you tend not to wear anything on your upper body that isn't sized in "small/medium/large/xl," those numbers will be what you need for dress shirts, blazers, and suit coats.

For Women: You have a few more things to be concerned about. You'll want to measure your bust-the fullest part of your chest, and make note of that. If you want your bra size, we still think a professional bra fitting is best, but considering the teenager working the counter at your local Victoria's Secret may not exactly be a "professional," you might consider True&Co., an online lingerie retailer that has a detailed, in-depth quiz you can take online to get a decent fit. You'll also want to measure your "natural waist," or the slimmest part of your torso, not necessarily your actual waist where your pants rest. Then go ahead and take your actual waist measurements. It's not often used in women's clothing, but it's good to have. Women's clothing usually use hip measurements more often-or the size around the fullest part of your body at the top of the leg, around and across your seat. You'll also want your inseam for slacks and pants. If you plan to wear collared shirts and blouses, take all of the same measurements mentioned above well, including neck size and sleeve length. Even if you don't encounter see much clothing that makes note of them, you'll be happy to have them-along with bust size, you'll be in good shape to buy a button-down that looks good.

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